Binhexs Identity

Client: Binhexs
Year: 2015 - 2020

A brand new identity for the IT company Binhexs: a clean and colorful image that recalls the IT world with abstract lines and shapes

The IT company Binhexs, today one of the best companies in the Information Technology field in Italy, represents an essential reference for its customers. Studio Zero has designed their new company identity, characterized by clean, refined, contemporary lines. The corporate image plays on the alternation of a powerful blue color, white and line patterns which create virtual landscapes recalling the IT world. The same line and color themes are resumed in their website and completed with coordinated infographic elements and icon sets. Our well-established collaboration has been going on for several years and covers different scale projects, from designing all their printed materials to the interior designing of the new Binhexs offices in Milan.

Photo @ studio zero