Catalogo Undici

Client: Inkiostro Bianco + Listone Giordano
Year: 2017

Featuring the material tactility of its cover and a layout celebrating evocative interiors, the new Undici catalogue shares the experience of the parquet collections born of the collaboration between Inkiostro Bianco and Listone Giordano

The Undici catalogue, for which we provided the concept and graphic design, presents the innovative collection of laser-engraved parquet born of the collaboration between Inkiostro and Listone. It does this through a simple layout to highlight the suggestive settings in which the parquet let the evocative force of the engraved decoration emerge. Careful image selection and photo editing were therefore a fundamental part of the design that combined with a color palette based on neutral and warm tones, similar to wood, and it has created an emotional and sophisticated catalogue. The material touch cover treated with the blind embossing printing technique, also refers back to the tactile and natural sensation of the laser engraved parquet.

Photo © studio zero