Client: Custom made
with Mohebban
Year: 2019

Memories of distant and dreamlike landscapes, an ancient map recreated only through the use of color and the iridescent effect of silk

As in an ancient map that depicts lost lands, reliefs and depressions, on this carpet they follow one another drawing intricate boundaries, landscapes and dreamlike places in which memory and travel recall each other in an endless echo. Distant lands captured in a bird's-eye view and recreated only through the use of color and gradient. This rug has been custom designed for a private client and its beautiful changing colors are enhanced by the extraordinary quality of its material: bamboo silk hand-knotted by expert craftsmen's hands. Handmade in India thanks to the excellent support of Mohebban, one of the most important rug design companies, Territori tells us everything about the wisdom and tradition of this ancient craftsmanship and the incredible quality and beauty of its material.

Photo © studio zero