Transparent Landscapes

Milano Design Week 2021

Temporary installation at ALCOVA

Transparent and permeable veils, vibrant with light and color, divide the space and invite
us to cross it in an immersive and sensorial experience, both physically and poetically.

Through these curtains, in a ritual of discovery and revelation, there emerges a landscape that we recognize as being both domestic and, at the same time, profoundly abstract. A universe of transparencies, overlaps and layers of materials and colors, metaphors and meanings, that reveals the intimately dreamlike and immaterial nature of the world.
Going through this permeable labyrinth of metal curtains provokes a profoundly sensorial experience of transparency, not only through the sight of surfaces succeeding each other in suggestive chromatic overlaps, but also through the tactile and aural sensation of crossing, in an intimately spiritual act of immersion. Within this surreal space, our new collections of products with a strong artistic and sculptural sensibility explore the theme of transparency, giving their surroundings that transcendental feature that clearly shows the strength of objects, the bonds they create and how they influence the spaces in our lives.
Composizione Astratta mirror is a tribute to light and matter, to reflection and transparency in which coloured mirrors and metal surfaces seem to intersect and intertwine to reveal new poetic and compositional qualities. In our carpet Sedimenti, transparent surfaces overlap and stratify in what is perceived as a perpetual motion and a never-ending aspiration towards illusory forms of balance. The Equilibristi floor lamps are anthropomorphic forms that rise up thin and slender, as if in a mystical dance. In them, transparency emerges as absence of matter but also its concentration, a sort of aesthetic thinning in pursuit of essence. They almost seem to start moving on their long and slender legs, like dreamlike presences that inhabit the space of imagination more than that of reality.

Curtains sponsor Kriskadecor

Photo/video © studio zero