Wallpaper Collection 17–18

Client: Inkiostro Bianco
Year: 2017 / 2018

Abstract geometries, vibrant compositions of color and matter, emerge poetically from the  wallpaper collections designed for Inkiostro Bianco

Geometry, color and matter are the key elements of the new wallpapers designed by studio zero for Inkiostro Bianco’s 2017/18 collection. Geometric patterns mark the space in a refined and unusual way, intersecting in a three-dimensional game of overlays and transparencies. Color fields and matter blend together and diverge, giving rise to vibrant compositions of rhythm and energy. In these imaginative and surreal architectures, in these abstract constructions, the color choice determines the meaning of space.

In 2017 Quattrocento printed on Eq Decor, the innovative fiber glass wallcovering by Inkiostro Bianco, won the Archiproducts Design Award in the finishes category.

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Photo © inkiostro bianco / studio zero