Client: One-off
Year: 2016

Light, marble and glass are what Kli is made of, a table lamp that comes from a profound anthropological reflection on the eternal conflict between matter and soul

Kli is a table lamp that encloses a profound anthropological reflection told with simplicity and pureness. The light, which represents human spirituality, is released and set free through matter: the boxes that make up the lamp. The marble box represents the body while the transparent glass box represents the mind. The inexhaustible power of spiritual light spreads and frees itself by slipping through every possible limit while it is able to enhance the beauty of the material that contains it. The word Kli, in the Jewish mystical tradition identifies the spiritual "Vessel" for the Light, recalling the indissoluble link between spiritual essence and matter. Kli is a table lamp that spreads an evocative ambient light, a product full of charm with a profound meaning obtained with an extremely simple structure.

Photo © studio zero