Client: One-off custom made
with Castagna1939
Year: 2019

An aerial table which progressively thins to the point of its purest expression. A clear and sharp geometry that seems to cleave space in a light and elegant balance

A unique piece designed for a private residence, Levity is a solid oak table featuring a perfect balance of lightness of form and material beauty. The noble oak gets progressively thinner, as if in search of its purest expression, its delicate soul. The almost-sharp geometry of the tabletop combined with the clean and flared cuts of its structure animate this extremely thin table, seemingly made of folded sheets of paper. A barely tangible fixture that seems cut from the air and weightless, even in its striking dimensions, a table that, through its insubstantiality, enhances the vital force of its natural material and pushes form to the limit of its essence.

Photo © studio zero